Sustainable Development goals set up by the UN General Assembly are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals which is designed to be a " a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet now and into the future".

Education for Sustainable Development is a key driver for the achievements of all 17 SDGs.

IES ENVISION 2030 is a policy to ensure all children acquire the knowledge ,skills, attitude and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. We embed sustainability practices in the daily activities of student's lives through different ways such as promoting the use of recycled materials wherever possible, encouraging them to turn off water taps after washing their hands, conducting discussions on the values of natural resources, the process of natural decomposition cycle , participating them in gardening etc. We help them in understanding and developing respect for the environment and encourage critical thinking....

As part of IES ENVISION 2030 HOUSEBOARD competition was held between various houses of school

Also an Exhibition of SDGs was conducted were students actively participated which was an excellent experience for students to learn about SDG (SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME)


A novel venture for boosting students communication skills and the art of effective peroration awarding every participant and spectator a higher, creativity and everlasting confidence

Prefects Council

Prefects Council is functioning effectively in the school, which takes care of nurturing and developing their leadership quality. They extend their co-operation in the school activities.

School Band Troupe

Band Troupe is organized in school. Pupils with skill and interest can join the troupe.

Youth Festival (Talent Fest)

Youth Festival is organized every year with a view to identify honour and refine the creative literary and cultural talents of the children. The qualified children are later taken to participate in District as well as State Youth Festival to give an exposure to their talents.

School Magazine

School publishes an Annual magazine wherein students are encouraged to write stories, poems, articles, draw cartoons etc. for the magazine.

Class Magazine

Each class publishes a class magazine every year. lt is beautifully bound and kept in the library.

Art, Craft. Exhibition and Martial Art Display

The school conducts Art & Craft exhibition every year. Children exhibit their own paintings, Sculptures and other art works at the exhibitions. Martial art forms like Karate, Aerobics, Yoga etc. are also displayed.

Panel Discussions

School regularly conducts panel discussions on important issues of national importance in the school. Students who are interested in debating are allowed to participate in such discussions.

Workshops & Orientation

School conducts workshops and orientation classes for students and teachers.

Trips and Tours

Every Year school conducts various field Trips and Tours suiting educational requirements of various categories of pupils.

Language Camp

lt's held to develop the language skills through various funfilled games

Project Exhibitions

Exhibitions are held to bring out the academic creative talents of the children.

Online Contests

With the changing trends and scenerio and the shift to the online mode, number of online activities and contests are also held to develop students potentials.

Football Turf:

Football turf is an added attraction for students with its artificial grass.

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