Kinder Garden
We heartily welcome your child to the "New world of knowledge". IES kindergarten starts with kid's acclimatization  in the last week of May every year. Since the three and half or four year old child is timid and does not readily adjust to the new atmosphere.Acclimatization prepare the child to learn mentally and physically.
Main aim of our curriculum is to develop the four skills namely listening ,speaking, reading and writing. Here are the unique features of IES kintergarden at a glance
Silence should always be maintained.
Teachers child ratio is around 1:18
Nutritious snacks and milk is provided in the short break/interval
Safe and clean environment
Pedagogic park
500 and more “age appropriate" toys for play
IES integrated methods of Montessori and j.krishnamoorthy
No homework
Audio and video lessons for rhyme, stories and conversation
Emphasis on spoken English
Crayon and drawing
Physical education through merry-go-round
Kids fest
Art and craft exhibition
Toy show
Story time
Clay modeling
Monthly completions
Nature ramble
Indoor and outdoor play
Sports and games
Physical exercises
Class museum
Portfolio assessment
Class magazine
Three field trips
Flannel boards for exhibiting pictures and daily programmes
Motor skill activities-pouring liquid,chopping vegetables,cutting fruits,peeling vegetables,shelling peas or beans, dusting furniture,folding cloths & papers,bottoning shirt,tie the shoe lace, scribbling board.
Practical life activities-cleanliness of body and cloths such as brushing teeth,combing hair using handkerchief etc.
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