for IES Public School is a residential and co-educational Senior Secondary School
  House & clubs
The whole school is divided into 4 Houses namely 'Lavender,Daffodils, Tulips and Chrysanthimum' and pupils compete with each other on Inter House basis. House Score Board System is also introduced in the school to promote educational excellence and discipline. Overall trophy is presented to the winner house at the annual function
ln order to nurture and nourish interests in specific subjects, various clubs have been constituted. It stimulates the interests of pupils in hobbies and provides opportunities for development of inherent potentials. 11 clubs are functioning here, each club with in-charge teacher. Each club gets one or two weeks (in a term) to exhibit their works / projects in the club corners.
The following clubs are designed to promote these aptitudes & skills.
Maths Club
Science Club
Nature Club
Current Affairs Club
English Literary Club
Malayalam Lit. Club
Hindi Lit. Club
Numismatic & Philatelic Club
Readers Club
Arts Club
Music Club Health and Wellness Club Personality Development Club
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