CBSE Curriculum
IES Public school an ISO(9001:2008) certified institution is run by the Ideal Educational Society registered (No. 540/91) as per the Charitable Act XXI, Central Act of 1860. The sixteen member Executive Committee of the Society is elected every 2 years President of the Society is the Manager of the School. We endeavor to harmonize the aims of our school with the principals of universal brotherhood, the aspiration of our students and the needs of our nation. We create an environment, which will contribute to the realization of the full potential of students in the academic and extra-curricular field.
Hindi, Malayalam, and Arabic.
l and II
English, Hindi, Arabic, Malayalam, Environmental Studies, Mathematics General Knowledge, Islamic Studies/Moral Science, Physical Education, Music and Drawing.
III to V
English, Hindi, Malayalam, Arabic, General Science, Social Science, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Islamic Studies, Moral science, Music Drawing, Computer Science, Physical Education, Environmental Education
As per the change in the CBSE evaluation system for classes I to VIII, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system has been introduced. Formative and summative evaluation is done to assess the performance of the pupils, which includes projects assignments, seminars, collections and tests.
Second language Hindi
Third language Malayalam
Integrated Science:
a) Physics
b) Chemistry
c) Biology
Social Science:
a) History
b) Civics
c) Geography, Economics
Computer Science
Work experience
Art Education
Physical Education
Life skills
Islamic / Moral Science
General Knowledge
Any one of the CCA subject
Environmental studies
IX and X
English Course A 
Second Any one of the language offered in middle School.
Science  :   Physics  Chemistry ,Biology
Social Science : History Civics, Economics ,Geography, Disaster Mangement 
Physical Education
Computer Science (Work Experience)
Art Education
All other optional offered in the middle school
Subjects for Internal assessment
Physical Education
Art Education
Work Experience
Environmental studies
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